Talking points

Zoffany’s daughter raises many questions – about child custody, patriarchy, and how history is written. Here is a small selection. Some you will probably have thought about, others perhaps you have not.

Was Cecilia a good mother?

Why did her case raise such interest in Guernsey and beyond?

What purpose is served by the story of the Bailiff’s Cross?

What role does Zoffany and his art play in the story?

Does Lucy Mauger deserve a place in the book?

How would the story have been different had the events taken place in London?

Where would you expect to find Zoffany’s daughter in a bookshop?

Does the book end in the right place? How would it be different if the story ended in Wales?

What is the role in the story of the sailor suit?

Do the small events in Guernsey in 1825 have any significance today?