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‘the book is beautifully produced and I enjoyed reading it’

Lisa Hill at

‘I liked the way the difference between fiction and NF was so clearly signalled. A model for others to follow, I think!’

Lisa Hill commenting at

‘This unusual book tells [a little-known story] with considerable verve and charm’

Sarah Bower at

‘… I was genuinely interested to find out what happened in the end, and satisfied with the fidelity of the ending.’

Janine Rizzetti at

An ‘intriguing narrative’ … ‘a kind of fictionalised history which the author manages most successfully, adding zest to the meagre facts without compromising a scholarly foundation.’

Jane Stephens at

‘As well as providing a fascinating story from the past—one that would immediately engage an educated lay public—this history gives a boost to ongoing discussions by academic historians as to where the discipline of history writing could be heading.’

Barbara Dawson in the Australian Journal of Biography and History, vol.1, 2018